The people behind BUGZ

BUGZ was a collaborative project involving the University of Canterbury (School of Biological Sciences ), Landcare Research and uBio.

Project Coordinators
Raphael Didham

Raphael Didham,
Senior Lecturer,
(terrestrial ecology ),
University of Canterbury

Stephen Pawson

Stephen Pawson,
Research Fellow, Ensis.

Raphael Didham and Stephen Pawson coordinated the two-year TFBIS project to design and build a full-text searchable interface to the existing Bibliography of New Zealand Terrestrial Invertebrates.

Scanning Technicians

Several people have contributed to the scanning and subsequent OCR (optical-character-recognition) process to allow full-text search retrieval. Carl and Katherine deserve special mention as between them they scanned the majority of the BUGZ database.

Carl Wardhaugh: Scanning and image clean-up
Katherine Wilson: Scanning, image clean-up, OCR, and database population
Stephanie Kaefer: Scanning, OCR, image clean-up, database population, and PDF (Portable Document Format) generation
Chris Coleman: Scanning and OCR
Muriele Rabone: Scanning
Miriam Hall: Scanning
James Aulsford: Scanning

Institutional Support:

Jace Carson: research contract coordinator

Landcare Research, Informatics Team

Jerry Cooper: Science Leader
Nick Spencer: Team Leader
Mike Cochrane: Programer
Mark Fuglestad: Web Developer

uBio: Universal Biological Indexer and Organiser

Patrick Leary was responsible for the integration of uBio name-matching technology with the full-text database of BUGZ.

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