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 Machine speeds the job of earthworm introduction
 Macquarie Island
 Macrochelid mites in New Zealand (Acarina: Mesostigmata: Macrochelidae)
 Macrochelidae from the Kermadec Islands and a key to species of Macrocheles Latreille from the New Zealand region (Acari: Mesostigmata)
 Macroinvertebrate colonisation of artificial substrates
 Macroinvertebrate colonisation of perspex artificial substrates for use in biomonitoring studies
 Macroinvertebrate drift and community colonisation on perspex artificial substrates in the Ohinemuri River, New Zealand
 Macroinvertebrate taxa from a southern New Zealand montane stream continuum
 Macroinvertebrates associated with aquatic macrophytes in Lake Alexandrina, New Zealand
 Macroinvertebrates associated with various aquatic macrophytes in the backwaters and lakes of the Upper Clutha Valley, New Zealand
 Macrophyte management: an integrated perspective
 MAF quality management report
 Maggots in sheep
 Magnitude of effects of substrate particle size, recent flooding, and catchment development on benthic envertebrates in 88 New Zealand rivers
 Mahoenui giant wetas at the Otorohonga kiwi house
 Maintenance is the main task in home garden in November
 Maintenance of hive equipment. Seasonal notes for the domestic beekeeper
 Maize growing for grain
 Major causes of imperfections in the Bay of Plenty kiwifruit crop
 Major citrus pest discovered in north of New Zealand
 Making full use of lower brood chamber
 Making war on flies
 Malaria and mosquitos
 Malayasian parasites. 18. Ticks (Ixodoidea) of Borneo and Malaya
 Malaysian parasites. - 29. New species of Oriental and Australian Trombiculidae (Acarina)
 Malling-Merton 115 - a new vigorous apple rootstock for New Zealand orchards
 Mallophaga (biting lice) and Anoplura (sucking lice) Part 2. Keys and locality lists of Mallophaga and Anoplura pp. 157-196 in Gressitt,J.L. (Ed.) Entomology of Antarctica. Antarctic research series
 Mallophaga (biting lice) and Anoplura (sucking lice). Part 1: Austrogoniodes (Mallophaga) parasitic on penguins (Sphenisciformes) pp 149-155 in Gressitt,J.L. (Ed.) Entomology of Antarctica. Antarctic research series
 Mallophaga and Siphunculata
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