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 Factors affecting developmental rates and diapause in field crickets
 Factors affecting the establishment of ryegrass seedlings in soldier fly-infested land
 Factors affecting the use of immunoosmophoresis for the detection of two insect riboviruses
 Factors affecting use of mirex-poisoned baits for control of european wasp (Paravespula germanica) in New Zealand
 Factors influencing egg survival of Scolypopa australis Walker (Hemiptera - Homoptera: Ricaniidae) in the Sydney area (N.S.W. Australia)
 Factors influencing population levels of Scolypopa australis Walker (Hemiptera - Homoptera: Ricaniidae) in New Zealand
 Factors influencing the host selection and feeding behaviour of Paropsis charybdis
 Factors influencing the host selection and feeding behaviour of Paropsis charybdis
 Factors influencing the integrated control of light-brown apple moth, Epiphyas postvittana (Walk.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
 Factors influencing the palatability of baits to greasy cutworm larvae
 Factors involved in the recent mortality of plants from forest and scrub along the Lake Te Anau shoreline, Fiordland
 False scorpions
 False spider mites of the genus Dolichotetranychus (Acarina: Tenuipalpidae)
 Fam. Hydrachnidae pp 1-272, 306-315 in Piersig,R.; Lohmann,H. Hydrachnidae und Halacaridae
 Fam. Sarcoptidae pp 4-132 in Canestrini,G.; Kramer,P. Demodicidae und Sarcoptidae. Das Tierreich, L.7
 Families and populations or records of two species of Orthoptera
 Famille des Nitidulidae. Notes synonymiques et rectifications a la nomenclature
 Family characteristics of the pupae of New Zealand Trichoptera
 Family Psychodidae. p 272 in Harrison,R.A. The Diptera of the Antipodes and Bounty Islands
 Famine and feasts in the lives of Daphnia carinata
 Far southern animals and plants
 Farm living. Is the redback spider here to stay?
 Farm management for Canterbury areas liable to grass grub
 Farm management methods to control pasture pests
 Farm surveying of black beetle populations in spring as an indicator of larval populations in summer
 Farmer recognition and control of cereal aphid and virus are essential for higher wheat yields
 Farmers' foes in New Zealand and how to cope with them
 Farming is fun. (The month down south)
 Farming the biological way
 Farming, arable - tobacco
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