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 B.H.C. and lindane are dangerous to wheat
 Bacterial and nematode parasites of soil insects
 Bacterial and protozoan diseases of insects
 Bacterial control of insect pests
 Bacterial status of a housefly rearing medium
 Bacterium kills insect pests
 Badania ekologiczne zwiazane z ochrona roslin przed szkodliwymi owadami w nowej zelandii [Ecological approaches to insect pest control in New Zealand]
 Baits for control of greasy cutworm larvae. 1 Laboratory screening
 Baits for control of greasy cutworm larvae. 2. Field trials
 Bark blotch and borer
 Barley yellow dwarf disease session
 Basking in a warm glow of optimism
 Bat mites (Acarina: Spinturnicidae) mainly from south-east Asia and the Pacific region
 Bat ticks of the genus Argas (Ixodoidea, Argasidae) 4. A. (Carios) australiensis n. sp. from Australia
 Bat-infesting Ornithodoros (Ixodoidea - Argasidae) of the Oriental-Australian region
 Battling pests with a pine needle
 Be careful with insecticides
 Be on the alert for pests and diseases in the vegetable garden
 Be ready to squash liverfluke
 Beautiful begonias
 Bee diseases
 Bee forage trees; a valuable alternative
 Bee house has advantages when raising queen cells
 Bee keeping included in fruit production course at Massey
 Bee pollination of lucerne and clover crops for seed in New Zealand
 Bee stings and their treatment
 Bee stings: natural immunity is easier
 Beech forest health - implications for management
 Beech honey dew
 Beech honeydew: Seasonal variation and use by wasps, honey bees, and other insects
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