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  Descriptions of some new species of recent Mollusca, mainly from the subantarctic islands of New Zealand
 (Exsul singularis Hutt.)
 (23). Checklist of the fauna of Cass pp 367-399 in Burrows, C.J. (Ed.) Cass, history and science in the Cass district, Canterbury, New Zealand
 (Beekeeping, part 5) moving a hive of bees
 (Beekeeping: Part 8) honey in the past - and the future
 (Bees: Part 13) communication
 (Concerning Oestrus ovis)
 (Entomological notes)
 (Geographical distribution of butterflies) - presidential address
 (New Zealand Coccidae exhibited on behalf of W.M. Maskell at the meeting of the Entomological Society of London (published letter))
 ('The circadian clock of Hemideina thoracica as a population of weakly coupled oscillators' Masters thesis by N.D. Christensen)
 (The Diptera of Auckland and Campbell Islands part 2.) The crane-flies of the sub-antarctic islands of New Zealand (Diptera)
 (The Diptera of Auckland and Campbell Islands. Part 4.) A wingless dolichopodid (Diptera) from Campbell Island
 [Pyrameis cardui from New Zealand]
 [A letter read at a meeting of the Netherlands Entomological Society recording observations on caterpillars infested by fungi in New Zealand]
 [Book review] Biological control of locusts and grasshoppers
 [Book review] Fruit flies of economic significance: their identification and bionomics
 [Book review] Inland waters of New Zealand
 [Description de trois nouvelles especes de Rhizodes]
 [Deux carabiques de la Nouvelle-Zelande]
 [Entomological notes]
 [Et nytt genus och femtio nya species af insekter beskrifne] forsattning af beskrifningen pa 50 nya species af insekter
 [Forest pathology in New Zealand] pp 4-10 in Gryze,J.J de Early epidemics of insects and fungi in New Zealand forests
 [Gulls catching crickets and cicadas in Northland]
 [Introduction of bees to N.Z.]
 [Note on the early importation of bumble bees in New Zealand]
 [Obituary] Alexander Grant McFarlane
 [On Centeter cinerea Aldrich, exported to New Zealand]
 [Remarks on some new additions to the Otago Museum]
 [Remarks on spider (Salticus)]
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